✹ strike the stem ✹ stunt the growth ✹

I am interested in collective memory, where were you when (insert disaster happened) stories.
When Brexit happened I was laying in my sleeping bag at Glastonbury festival ignorant from the
night before hearing awakenings from neighbours separated by thin layers of polyester.
“wake up we’re out of the eu” , i laid bleary eyed staring at my phone screen ,

I made this piece thinking a lot about the role of political art and how it can be used 
in interesting progressive ways. 

The visual, a dove like hand holding a bouquet of flowers, reminiscent of the EU flag, the flowers are stars.
Their red stems a reference to blood lines connecting and to the original flag of the PanEuropean Union
founded in 1922.

Each strand hand dyed to achive perfect EU colouring.
A labour of love, a desparate plea for positivty, the aching of what is to come.

I went with the phrase, Strike The Stem Stunt The Growth